INDUSTRY NEWS: Weekly News Scan April 21, 2017

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This is a weekly browsing of recent relevant industry news articles, helpful for educating ourselves as well as for sharing with our peers. Please post any thoughts in the comments section!


Fortune: The 4 Most Interesting Things From Amazon’s Cloud Extravaganza

Amazon’s strategy to dominate the business of cloud computing involves a treasure chest of coding tools. The company's cloud computing arm held a conference Wednesday in San Francisco intended to show businesses its latest tech. When Amazon Web Services (AMZN) debuted over a decade ago, few companies bought computing resources on-demand from another. Since then, it has become a huge industry, and AWS has become the leading service. But AWS faces increased competition from Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG), which have been investing heavily in their rival services. They too want a piece of the fast-growing cloud business, which is upending the data center and software industries.


Network World: Docker wants to help put old enterprise apps into containers

Docker is offering enterprises an easier on-ramp to using containers with a new consulting program aimed at taking a legacy application and migrating it to a container in five days. The idea behind the program is to show companies the concrete benefits of moving older applications over to containers, without asking them to undergo a massive transformation effort. Docker is working with Cisco, Avanade, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise on the Modernize Traditional Applications program, which will focus on migrating an application to modern infrastructure and getting it set up inside a containerized environment.


TechCrunch: Mirantis launches its new OpenStack and Kubernetes cloud platform

Mirantis, one of the earliest players in the OpenStack ecosystem, today announced that it will end-of-life Mirantis OpenStack support in September 2019. The Mirantis Cloud Platform, which combines OpenStack with the Kubernetes container platform (or which could even be used to run Kubernetes separately), is going to take its place. While Mirantis is obviously not getting out of the OpenStack game, this move clearly shows that there is a growing interest in the Kubernetes container platform and that Mirantis’ customers are now starting to look at this as a way to modernize their software deployment strategies without going to OpenStack. The new platform allows users to deploy multiple Kubernetes clusters side-by-side with OpenStack — or separately.


Forbes: Microsoft Acquires Deis To Broaden Cloud Computing Scope

Microsoft wants more developers to use its platform and tools. Specifically, Microsoft wants more cloud computing developers to come into its fold. With this widely accepted truth in mind, it is perhaps logical to hear news this April 2017 of the firm's intention to acquire cloud container-specialist Deis (pronounced day-iz) from cloud orchestration platform company Engine Yard.


Forbes: How Edge Computing And Serverless Deliver Scalable Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning, Edge Computing and Serverless are the three key technologies that will redefine the Cloud Computing platforms. Machine Learning (ML) is becoming an integral part of modern applications. From the web to mobile to IoT, ML is powering the new breed of applications through natural user experiences and inbuilt intelligence. After virtualization and containerization, Serverless is emerging as the next wave of compute services. Serverless or Functions as a Service (FaaS) attempts to simplify the developer experience by minimizing the operational overhead in deploying and managing code. Contemporary applications designed as microservices are built on top of FaaS platforms like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and OpenWhisk.

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