Turbonomic Deploy for ServiceNow

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Turbonomic Deploy for ServiceNow
Project Breakdown


Description: use Turbonomic to deploy workloads in your managed environment to calculate the best placement of new Virtual Machines (VMs) within your managed IT environment.


Customer's objective: best placement of new Virtual Machines (VMs) within the environment.


The value provided by Turbonomic:

  •  Considers the full range of supply and demand in your environment to calculate the best placement of VMs in your environment and moves them as necessary
  •  Turbonomic calculates the best placement for those VMs, and then actually deploy the VMs to those locations.
  •  You will be able to create a reservation, that can deploy immediately, or you can reserve the resources for those VMs to deploy them at a later date.


Turbonomic actions to achieve value:

  • Ensure that Turbonomic has discovered the correct datacenters.
  • Validate with the customer that Service Now discovery plugin is correctly setup
  • REST Hosts — The administrator sets up one or more connections between an instance of Turbonomic, and a ServiceNow MID Server. This is how you connect Turbonomic to your ServiceNow workflows.
  • Constraints — A constraint is a profile that specifies a VM template, the datacenter you will deploy to, and optionally a cluster within that datacenter.
  • Settings — Parameters that specify polling intervals, reservation timeouts, and deployment timeouts
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