Why does the CPU value not match vCenter?

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When I look in vCenter I see that my CPU speed is 41.6GHz (41,600MHz)

Why does Turbonomic say I have a CPU capacity of 83,200MHz (83.2GHz)?

If a host has hyperthreading and it is enabled then by default Turbonomic uses it in the calculation of CPU capacity.  That means that if a host has 32 CPU cores it has 64 CPU threads to use.  This does not allow for a true 2x speed increase, but about a 120% increase.  That is why the effective capacity is 60% of the capacity.



Want to ignore hyperthreading and use the same values seen in vCenter?  Check the "Ignore Hyperthreading" box in Policy --> Analysis

Then do a full rediscovery to get the updated values.

Now the CPU capacity is the same as vCenter

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