Cluster MAX Utilization for RAM

Document created by robert.coppersmith on Oct 30, 2017
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Below is a custom report that a customer requested which shows the overall MAX monthly utilization values of each cluster's physical memory capacity:


Sample output:




a.Dte as 'Month'

, Cluster

, sum(RAMMax) as 'RAM Max in GB'





date_format (p.snapshot_time, '%m/%Y') as Dte

, grp.display_name Cluster

, e.display_name as Host

, round(max(if(p.property_type = 'Mem' and p.property_subtype = 'utilization',(p.max_value*p.capacity)/1024/1024,0)),2) as RAMMax

from pm_stats_by_month p

LEFT JOIN entities e on p.uuid = e.uuid

LEFT JOIN entity_assns_members_entities eame ON eame.entity_dest_id =

LEFT JOIN entity_assns eas ON = eame.entity_assn_src_id

LEFT JOIN entities grp ON = eas.entity_entity_id

Where like 'GROUP-PMsByCluster\_%'

group by 1, 2

) as a

group by 1,2

order by 1 desc

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