MAX CPU Utilization by Cluster

Document created by robert.coppersmith on Oct 30, 2017
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This report was requested by another customer who needed to see the monthly max CPU utilization values for each cluster month over month. Let me know if there are any questions of if anyone needs any adjustments made to the data provided.


Sample output:






a.Dte as 'Month'

, Cluster

, sum(MaxCPU_Used) as 'Ghz Max'





date_format (p.snapshot_time, '%m/%Y') as Dte

, grp.display_name Cluster

, e.display_name as Host

, round(max(if(p.property_type = 'CPU' and p.property_subtype = 'utilization',(p.max_value*p.capacity)/1000,0)),2) as MaxCPU_Used

from pm_stats_by_month p

LEFT JOIN entities e on p.uuid = e.uuid

LEFT JOIN entity_assns_members_entities eame ON eame.entity_dest_id =

LEFT JOIN entity_assns eas ON = eame.entity_assn_src_id

LEFT JOIN entities grp ON = eas.entity_entity_id

Where like 'GROUP-PMsByCluster\_%'

group by 1, 2

) as a

group by 1,2

order by 1 desc

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