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Turbonomic offers many options to create reports. Nevertheless, not all reports are created equal, literally. You may need to change the query or some other parameters of a given report. This article covers where to look for report definition files and how to edit their content.


IMPORTANT: the subject discussed in this article is considered suitable for advanced users. We encourage you to contact our support team or your customer experience/success representative for any assistance, we are here and glad to help. Some of the changes covered here, if not executed properly could render your data unusable. You can also try on a test/lab staging instance.



  • SSH access to the Turbonomic appliance
  • (Optional) text editor. 



  • Understand what type of report (by origin) you want to edit.
  • SSH to the Turbonomic appliance.
  • Look for your report.
  • Edit according to format and method. 



You can modify a Turbonomic report directly. First determine what type of report you are targeting since the method and location of the source file will vary:

Default (a.k.a canned) Reports, Dashboard Exported Reports or Custom Reports.

  1. You can browse Default Reports under /srv/reports/VmtReports
    1. Find the report and vi to modify the query section
  2. There are also Dashboard Exported Reports.
    1. Find the report you want under /srv/reports/pdf_files/ui_reports
    2. vi to modify the query section
  3. For Custom Reports(2), from the MariaDB there is a method. Allow me to share what I know so far.
    1. Know the name report you want to modify
    2. SSH to your Turbonomic instance.
    3. Login to the DB
      1. mysql -u(username) -p(password) vmtdb
      2. mysql -uroot -pvmturbo vmtdb
    4. Custom reports are under the [user_reports] table
    5. The query portion is under the <xml_descriptor> field.
    6. Once logged in the vmtdb, run describe user reports.
    7. Then run the following SELECT statement to extract the SQL for the report you want
      1. SELECT xml_descriptor FROM user_reports WHERE title=’report name’;
      2. Extract the SQL query
      3. Modify at wish using a text editor of your choosing (e.g. Notepad++, etc)
    1. At this point you can either UPDATE the filed or just create a new Custom report (using UI)
      1. To update just run UPDATE user_reports SET xml_descriptor = “<enter your mod query here>” WHERE title=”<report name>”;



(2) Please note that a report exported from a dashboard is not considered a custom report.

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