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When importing diagnostics, we do not guarantee that old diagnostics will import into newer instances or vice-versa. For example if you save system diagnostics from 6.0 then it may, but is not guaranteed to import into 6.1.


For expert users importing diagnostics, you must edit the file in order to use old diagnostics.

You do not need to do this if:

  • All versions are 6.1+.

You should do this if:

  • Your customer has exported diagnostics from their pre-6.1 (Market 1) instance, and you are importing their diagnostics on the same version but using Market 2 to help run some plans.
  • You have converted a pre-6.1 instance to use Market 2 and need to import diagnostics from back when this same instance ran Market 1.
  • You are attempting to import pre-6.1 (Market 1) diagnostics into a Market 2 instance. For example switching to Market 2 in a 6.0 instance, or attempting the non-guaranteed import from a pre-6.1 instance into a 6.1+ instance.


After Market 2, old diagnostic files need to be edited in order to import correctly with Market 2. If this change is not made, the diagnostics will import as a Market 1 topology and not receive the benefits of Market 2, such as faster planning.

To edit an old diagnostics file

  1. Copy the current diagnostic file to retain a non-edited backup in case of error.
  2. Search for name="MarketSettings" in the This element contains settings of the market.
  3. Inside the element, we need to edit certain attributes and add other new ones that were introduced in version 6.0.2. Those attributes are as follows:


Informational Addendum

It is neither advised nor necessary to change any parameters, but here are the parameter definitions:

  • NEW_MARKET_ENABLED – “true”: M2, ”false”: M1
  • M2_STORAGE_BASED_DEPLOY – ”true”: in a deploy plan place new VMs to least ‘loaded’ storages, ”false”: placement to any storage with available space (respecting utilization threshold)
  • M2_CAN_IDLE_VMS_MOVE – ”true”: allow move actions on idle VMs, ”false”: disable move actions on idle VMs
  • M2_RESIZEDOWN_WARMUP_INTERVAL – wait time until M2 first produces resize down recommendations. Default "86400000" is one day (24*60*60*1000 ms)
  • M2_ANALYSIS_RERUN_INTERVAL_MS – how frequently entities shop and take decisions, default "600000" is 10 min. Can change to “60000” to make it 1 min.
  • M2_CLOUD_USE_MAX_VALUE – true: use historical max value for IOPS to stabilize cloud template recommendations, false: use current value for IOPS
  • M2_SUSPENSIONS_THROTTLING_CONFIG – allow one or more suspensions per cluster. "CLUSTER": one suspension per cluster, “DEFAULT” one or more suspensions per cluster
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