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It is important that you synchronize the clock on the Turbonomic instance with the devices on the same network. For performance reasons, Turbonomic recommends that you set your Turbonomic system clock to your time zone because Turbonomic runs regular data maintenance processes at night. Use the Network Time Protocol daemon (ntpd) to set your Turbonomic system clock.



To configure the NTP server:


  1. Open an SSH terminal session to your Turbonomic instance.

  2. Open the ntp configuration file.

    For example, execute the command:

    vi /etc/ntp.conf
  3. Find the lines that specify the time servers.

  4. Replace these time server lines with the fully-qualified domain names of your time servers.

    The safest approach is usually to provide the IP address of your time server. If you only have one time server, you can delete the second time server entry.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Make sure the NTP daemon is enabled.

    The NTP daemon should be enabled by default. To enable the daemon, execute

    systemctl enable ntpd
  7. Verify the NTP daemon is running.


    systemctl status ntpd
  8. Verify that your time is correct.

    Execute the command:



    You should see results similar to:

    Thu Oct 18 14:25:45 CST 2018

Note: For tomcat to pick up the new time you will need to restart the server. 

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