Azure VM Diagnostics Costs

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VM Diagnostics uses about 1 gig per month per server, at a cost of $.02 per gb, with less than 2 transaction units per month for Turbonomic and for saving off the data. So all in total about 2 cents a month per server. Each additional month historical utilization accrues, it goes up another GB, for an additional $.02. Month 1 is 1gb, month 2 is 2gb, and so on, for a price escalation of 2cents, 4 cents, 6 cents. If you have more counters enabled than the default CPU, Mem, Disk, Network, then storage utilization will grow proportionally to the sample rate they have configured.


Here we use the Azure cost calculator to validate our pricing and transaction cost assumptions:



Note, you can set a historical limit of the data to keep those costs low.  Because Turbonomic only uses 5 minute sample data for the past 10 minutes every market cycle, we can also adjust the amount of history stored in the diagnostics settings without any negative effect. Dropping the disk quota to 1 gig for example will mean you are storing roughly only one month of historical data.


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