Turbonomic Health Checks

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This feature implements two monitoring scripts which alert the end user when disk usage thresholds have been exceeded (80% utilization). The system notifications scripts are planned for the 6.3 release.


The scripts are located in:




Please execute each script once to complete the one time configuration process.


If the database is down, or disk usage thresholds have been exceeded, the recipient defined during the configuration process will receive an email message with the associated alert. Additionally, the alert will be written to a new log file located in: /var/log/tomcat/monitor.log




  1. Upload the zip file system-checks.zip to /srv/tomcat/script/appliance/
  2. Login to appliance with ssh or putty
  3. Extract the files from system-checks.zip
    • unzip system-checks.zip
  4. Make the files executable
    • chmod +x turbo_check_db.sh turbo_check_disk.sh
  5. The first time you run the files, you will be prompted for database configuration and email address
  6. Execute turbo_check files ./turbo_check_db.sh ./turbo_check_disk.sh Update the crontab to include checks for database and disk usage every 30 minutes.
  7. crontab -e
    1. */30 * * * * /srv/tomcat/script/appliance/turbo_check_db.sh >/dev/null 2>&1
      */30 * * * * /srv/tomcat/script/appliance/turbo_check_disk.sh >/dev/null 2>&1
  8. Save the crontab file


In order to use a mail relay with the health script, you can create a file for mailx configuration.

Please create a file named:  /root/.mailrc

the contents of the file should contain:


set smtp=mailserver:25
set smtp-auth=login set smtp-use-starttls
set ssl-verify=ignore
set nss-config-dir=/etc/pki/nssdb

It may not be necessary to set set smtp-auth-login and smtp-use-starttls if there is no smtp authentication. 

the first line should be written like:

set smtp=externalserver_ip_or_hostname:port

Save this file and now all notifications are sent to your mailserver. By default emails are sent from root@turbonomic.localdomain, it's advised to check your spam folder for the alert emails.

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