Turbo Tip: How to Group Cloud VMs/Instances that do not have tags assigned

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This article covers the process of creating a dynamic VM group of cloud VMs without any tags assigned.


Grouping VMs without any tags can be used to help and ensure tagging compliance within an organization. Any new VM/Instances that will be deployed without any tags will be automatically added to the group. Once a VM/Instance will be assigned with a tag, it will automatically be removed from the group.



Please note that the process is available in Turbonomic v6.4 and higher.

  • In Turbonomic UI go to Settings > Groups > New Group (top right corner) and select Virtual Machines
  • In the new VM Group Windows:
    1. Enter a display name for te group
    2. Under Type, ensure Dynamic is selected
    3. Add the following criteria/filters:
      • Host Name (or Datacenter) | equals (RedEx) | .*aws.* (for AWS VMs, for Azure VMs use .*azure.*)
      • Tags | not equal (RegEx) | .*


AWS Examples:

Azure Example:


  • Click Apply - this should result in a list of VMs, all VMs listed do not have any tags assigned. In the example below 44 VMs on Azure do not have any tags assigned:
  • Click on Save Group to save the group


You can review the group in Turbonomic UI by searching for it. Furthermore, users can optionally create a CSV file of all the VMs to share with others by scoping to the VM group in the UI, and opening the 'Top Virtual Machine' widget and selecting to download the list as CSV:

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