Extend disk partition -- AWS Turbonomic Instance

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These instructions are for extending disk partitions on Turbonomic instances hosted in AWS, not on-prem. To extend disk partition for an on-prem Turbonomic instance see this article -- How to extend existing partitions (manually) (CentOS) 




1. Extend EBS volume to appropriate storage amount in the AWS portal. Modify Volume as shown here: 






2. Run lsblk to get a list of the partitions



3. sudo growpart {nvme0n1 2for the partition that should be resized. Notice that there is a space between the device name and the partition number.You can verify that the partition reflects the increased volume size by using the lsblk command again.




4. pvdisplay to find the right physical volume to resize 



5. pvresize /dev/nvme0n1p2




6. vgdisplay -v to display the total amount of free PE and the logical volume to resize



7. Now we will extend the size of the logical volume by the amount of Free PE we found in the last step. lvextend -l+2559 /dev/turbo/root for the logical volume that needs to be resized.




8. sudo xfs_growfs /dev/turbo/root




9. Lastly, we are just confirming the partition has been extended. df -h