Migrating from 6.x to Turbonomic 7 (XL)

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Turbonomic 7 (XL) is our next generation platform. It is a highly-scalable and available, microservices application.  A single instance of Turbonomic 7 deployment is capable of managing over 200,000 entities which provides top-down visibility into your environment. 


Turbonomic 7 is Generally Available here. It can be deployed using one of the following options: 

- OVA 

- Kubernetes Operator 

- SaaS for targeting application workloads running in AWS or Azure 


You can learn more about Turbonomic 7 through this free training.


We recommend that customers install the latest version of Turbonomic 7 to benefit from the new architecture and features.  For customers with an existing Turbonomic 6.x deployment, we are committed to help with a transition by offering a migration utility for:

  • Targets:
    • Target definitions
  • Groups:
    • User defined groups
    • Groups that have dependencies on policies
  • Policies and Settings:
    • Placement policies
    • Automation policies
    • Group settings
    • Global settings (schedules)
  • Templates:
    • User created templates


It is important to note that the migration of historical data is not supported as part of the utility due to the differences in the underlying data structures.  As part of the migration planning process, a Turbonomic 7 deployment should be set up in parallel with the existing 6.x deployment so that there is an accumulation of sufficient historical data.


In 7.22.6, the migration tool is available as a public preview.

Documentation: Turbonomic Help 

Download: GitHub - turbonomic/tbmigrate: Classic to XL Turbonomic migration 

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