Posibility to select AD-Groups in Group Management

Idea created by rene.schaerer on Nov 12, 2014
    For future consideration
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    in our Active Directory we have Groups which has Servers (Computer Accounts) as Members.

    We use it to group Computer with same Service installed (like SQL, Oracle, IIS, ...). they are for reporting, SLA and support purposes.


    This AD-Groups are managed manually or automatically by script.

    If we want to create the same group in VMTurbo we need to do it manually (the criterions doesn't match all the vm's).



    We would like use this AD-Group with the Workplace function.


    My idea is to implement a possibility to build VMTurbo Groups which are based on the AD-Groups.

    2014-11-12 07_52_19-VMTurbo - Converge, Control, Prevent.jpg

    I think you can use the Active Directory settings from "User Conficuration" to connect the Domain (incl. trusted domains).