Target Health Check feature?

Idea created by Rene Van Den Bedem on Mar 11, 2017
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    One of the services that I offer at RoundTower to my customers is the vSphere Health Check report. We use RVTools and custom PowerCLI scripts to extract data from vCenter Server and then we sort through this data to look for configuration errors and sub-optimal settings. For example, mixed PSP policies, inefficient DRS settings, disabled HA, mounted ISO files to VMs, aged Snapshots, SIOC not correctly configured, sub-optimal IO queue depths, etc. Included in the report is the risk mitigation and remediation action for each issue found. VMware also offer a similar Health Check for customers.


    There are also the PowerShell/PowerCLI vCheck (Daily Report) scripts that could be a starting point as well.


    Turbonomic already reports on efficiency and performance improvements, however, this type of "Health Check" functionality for erroneous and sub-optimal configurations does not exist.


    It would be great if this "Health Check" feature was built into the Turbonomic Automation Platform for all Target types. Obviously, building this functionality for all targets at one time does not scale, however, additional target types could be supported over time.