Multiple costs for different storage tiers?

Idea created by erikkur on May 16, 2017
    Under review
    • Rene Van Den Bedem
    • battybishop

    Currently we have 3 tiers of storage.  Would it be possible to have more than one cost for storage?


    Under the Policy Tab>Analysis>Hardware Costs section?


    This is one area where our storage costs vary widely between tiers of storage, and only having one cost for all 3 or 4 tpyes of storage is not the answer. 


    If there was a way to put in multiple values here that would be great.  I think the product already can map what vm's are running on what LUN/iter of storage (especially if the smis provider is configured) in our case it is, so it should be able to know exactly how much that vm is costing even with possibly even having different .vmdk disks on different tiers of storage.  What do you guys think?