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Monthly Drive Space Trending

Question asked by mwahl on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Michael Nagar

Hi Green Circle;

I need a report that will provide us with information to analyze and predict drive usage trends for each of the drives related to all of our VMs, by month over the span of a year:

The report should supply us the following data:

ServerDriveSize (GB)Used (GB)Used %Avg. ∆/MoMax. ∆/MoMin. ∆/MoTo TrigTo Full
  • Server: The name of the server
  • Drive: The drive letter allocation
  • Size(GB): The size in GB of the drive
  • Used(GB): The amount of space (GB) that are currently used on the drive
  • Used (%):The percentage of the drive that is currently used
  • Avg. ∆/Mo: The average growth for the drive (GB/Mo)
  • Max.∆/Mo: The largest monthly increase for the drive (GB/Mo)
  • Min.∆/Mo: The smallest monthly increase for the drive (GB/Mo)
  • To Trig: The number of months given the Avg. ∆/Mo until the Used (%) reaches 85% (the Trigger Level)
  • To Full: The number of moths given the Avg. ∆/Mo until the Used (%) reaches 100%.

And allow us to easily plot a given drive’s usage over a minimum of 12 months usage: