Interesting Surveys on Technology

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Apr 14, 2016

There are many interesting surveys out in the wild that give a good view of the state of IT across technology and business domains.  I"m going to continuously adjust this as we find more of them and I encourage you to read, enjoy, and contribute. 

Please add a comment with any suggested surveys that you would like to see a part of the list


I will add sections and links as we grow the content.




OpenStack User Surveyhttps://www.openstack.org/assets/survey/Public-User-Survey-Report.pdf

This survey represents a snapshot of 1,315 users and

352 deployments, provided voluntarily. Insights are

intended to provide feedback to the broader community,

and to arm technical leaders and contributors

with better data to make decisions regarding

the roadmap and feature enhancements.