Search and Replace VMTurbo to Turbonomic in Wordpress

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Sep 14, 2016

If you're a blogger on Wordpress, you've run into this situation before.  Something happens like a rebrand of a company which leaves you in a challenging spot of having to update content on your blog.  As you know, we've completed the rebrand of Turbonomic from our former name of VMTurbo.  This means that you may have some blog content and URL content that needs updating in order to make sure you don't end up with dead links or aged out content.


Installing Search & Replace Plugin for Wordpress


Rather than creating some exciting (aka challenging) SQL scripts to find and replace instances of VMTurbo to Turbonomic, we can use a nifty plugin called Search & Replace to do the heavy lifting for us.  Go to your Wordpress plugins section and add a new plugin by using Search & Replace in the search field:




Click the Install Now button, and once it completes the install, click the Activate button:


02-activate-plugin.pngUnder the Tools menu, select Search & Replace:



Using the Search & Replace plugin to update Turbonomic Links and Content


WARNING:  We are going to be doing things that affect your Wordpress database.  Please back up your systems through your regular methods and be sure that you are comfortable with making changes.


In the Search & Replace panel, you can download a current SQL file which is a total backup of your current database tables and data.  Click the Create SQL File in order to back up to a file and it will download via your browser:



Click the Download SQL File once it is available in the window.  This downloads the file to your local machine in case you need to restore:



On the Search & Replace tab, type in VMTurbo as the Search for string, and type Turbonomic in the Replace with string field.  Select all tables using the check box below, and most importantly, check off the Dry Run checkbox.  Then click the Do Search & Replace button at the bottom of the page:



When you do the dry run, it will show you how many instances will be replaced.  Results will vary depending on the number of links, text, and other references are contained in the site. 


Once you are ready to take the final step, uncheck the Dry Run checkbox and set the radio button to Save changes to Database which will make the changes to your live database instance.


FINAL WARNING:  This is a real change to your Wordpress site, so please make sure that you are comfortable with the change.  I've done this on 2 different sites with total success, but it is important that you have clean backups that you can comfortably restore to if something were to go wrong for some reason.


When you are ready, click the Do Search & Replace button and watch the magic happen!



Once the replace is completed, you will get a results page that shows all of the instances where VMTurbo has been replaced with Turbonomic:



You can confirm on your site by checking for the new Turbonomic using your search bar. 


NOTE:  Wordpress does cache your search data, so you will still get results if you search for VMTurbo.  That will clear up over time as your Wordpress search cache expires.