Insights from the GC Chief Nerd - Part 1 of 2

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Dec 5, 2016


Community is a very important word. It's more than just a word to me, it's a lifestyle.  Dedicating time towards empowering others is truly my rai·son d'être.   My role as the Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic is entirely focused on community enablement in all aspects.  For me, this includes: 


    1. Enabling collaboration with the technology community at large
    2. Bridging internal community-driven initiatives to the public space
    3. Listening and learning how the community consumes and drives technology
    4. Sharing inbound learnings with my engineering and overall team
    5. Bridging gaps across the entire IT ecosystem
    6. Breaking down barriers across all aspects of IT, business, and community by focusing on people, process, and technology in a holistic approach


This brings me to the importance of my honorary title of Chief Nerd here in the Green Circle Community.  Using these same key points to enable collaboration both inside and outside of the GC, I am pleased to be able to lead out many exciting initiatives. 


Openness, Collaboration, Inclusion. 


Community is about openness. It's also built on a foundation of creation a collaborative environment for all.  Thirdly, it is about inclusion for all.  That means that regardless of what your background is, your area of expertise, what you know, or what you want to learn, you are welcome to participate.  Participation comes in a variety of ways, including everything from just taking in the content and learning, to actively creating blogs, posts, or even the simplest and often most helpful thing of just creating a comment or liking a post.


Speaking of content, some of the upcoming initiatives include the TechForward series starting with a Kubernetes session for those who would like to get some introduction to the open source container orchestration platform.  You can register for that session here: https://turbonomic.com/resources/techforward-webinar-series-intro-to-kubernetes/https://turbonomic.com/resources/techforward-webinar-series-intro-to-kubernetes/


It's totally free and will also include follow ups to help you with resources for getting started plus more ongoing Kubernetes lab content.  If you also follow along at the TechForward page you will be able to gain access to continuing educational series covering DC/OS, and OpenStack as the next subjects. 

TechForwardIOLogo3.pngAnother area I'm very excited about is the launch of a special team to help bring this all together.  It just wouldn't be a community without a team to lead this out.  There are some amazing people who already drive content and engagement here in the GC, so this is our opportunity to take it up to the next level. 


What would you like to see from our GC community?  My door (virtual one at least) is always open.  You can comment below, or also send me a message through the community.  As I mentioned at the start. This is a community because it is meant to enable and empower you! 


Thank you!

Eric Wright,

GC Chief Nerd

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