PowerShell Core on Docker? Yes, please!

Blog Post created by discoposse Expert on Jan 19, 2017

PowerShell Core on Docker is a pretty handy way to start dabbling in the latest open edition of PowerShell which is seeing lots of growth and updates. 


NOTE: the feature set for PowerShell Core is not the same as the full PowerShell on Windows that you may be used to, so not all of your scripts and CmdLets are able to be brought over.  Make sure to test before you make the leap to PowerShell Core as your de facto environment.


There are a few blogs I'm working on, but wanted to make sure to share them here first.  To get started with running Docker on your laptop or desktop environment, you can run the Docker Toolbox platform.  I've written the deployment process up here:  Installing and Using Docker Toolbox for Mac OSX and Windows – DiscoPosse.com


One you get that cooked up, you'll be able to deploy the microsoft/powershell container into your machine.  Here is the blog which gets you to the next step of launching your PowerShell Core container:  http://discoposse.com/2017/01/19/running-powershell-core-using-docker/


If you're interested in anything more that you would like some guidance on with PowerShell Core on Docker, let me know. I'm always looking for community-driven content ideas that I can work on