Is VMworld worth it?

Poll created by nashers on Aug 31, 2016

As I haven't gone to this years VMworld as I didn't have a ticket I was wondering how many people would go if the ticket wasn't free ie work didn't pay for some of all of your expense's.

Please answer honestly I work for a end user not a supplier but I have been last year, when the ticket was provided but I still had to pay my flights and accommodation.

In my case I don't believe that I could justify asking my employer the cost of the conference ticket, and travel expenses

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  • Yes I believe it was worth every penny that my company paid.
  • Yes I believe it was worth every penny so much so I paid for my own ticket, or flights or accommodation.
  • No I only went as someone else paid for my ticket, flights and accommodation.
  • No I didn't go as I couldn't justify the cost.