Anson McCook

How do you use PUE?

Discussion created by Anson McCook Expert on May 23, 2014

In 2007, a consortium of IT industry giants founded The Green Grid, a NPO committed to becoming the global authority on resource efficiency in information technology and data centers. Through a series of whitepapers, briefs, and media coverage, The Green Grid quickly gained acclaim, and formulated two sister metrics, which though controversial, have been widely accepted as standards of data center power efficiency: DCiE and PUE (Datacenter Infrastructure Efficiency & Power Usage Effectiveness).


As with many siblings, one rose to prevalence: PUE. PUE is calculated Total Facility Power/ IT Equipment Power and can range from 1.0 (perfect PUE) to (theoretically) infinity (really horrible PUE). The metric basically captures how much of the power (electricity) consumed by your datacenter goes directly to computing versus to overhead (cooling, air movement, UPS/transformer components, lighting, etc.). 1.0 reflects all power goes to computing. Anything above 1.0 is overhead.


Some datacenters use it, some don't. Do you measure PUE? How frequently do you take readings? Is your PUE awesome? Facebook boasts a PUE of 1.07...