IT Staff Productivity & Wellbeing

Discussion created by andrew.mallaband on May 22, 2014
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A recent IT Admin Stress Survey, conducted by GFI Software, reported that 79% of IT Administrators Want to Quit Due to Stress.

In today's IT operations environments "Fire Situations" are very common, because of the dependency that organizations place on IT to conduct their daily business.

Failures and performance degradation in IT service can dramatically impact business processes resulting in lost productivity. This also places alot of pressure on 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support staff who are constantly on "Red Alert" in the triage process, determining the root cause of problems and what action should be taken to restore service as fast as possible. This is not confined to the workers on the ground, a significant amount of time and mindshare of the an organizations business and IT management teams is consumed in this process just to get IT back to a good state, the "Desired State" where performance is being assured.

This also places a lot of stress on individual staff members who are constantly under pressure in their daily work place, impacting their productivity and overall well being.

What would the impact on your organization's staff productivity and well being be if you could avoid a good percentage of these situations?

Productivity of your staff whose daily activities depends on IT? Elimination of IT support activities that generate no value for the business? The wellbeing of your employees, by reducing the number of level of stress full situations they encounter on a daily basis?

The bottom line is that it could save your organization millions of dollars and create a better working environment for all employee of the organization whether they are IT users or those working in IT operations roles.