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Custom Dashboards – What’s Your Dashboard Look Like?

Discussion created by Anson McCook Expert on Jun 4, 2014
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Some of you might have noticed that you can now create custom dashboards in version 4.6 of Turbonomic. I thought it might be nice to have a discussion around some of the custom views users have come up with that they've found to be valuable.


Here are some dashboards I use on a daily basis – but I’d really like to hear about everyone else's configurations - What's your dashboard look like?


Post a screenshot of:

  1. Your dashboard
  2. The dashboard panels you used


Dashboard #1:

This is my Prod environment from the standpoint of my VMs, where I can see overall health, trending over time, live utilization values, and the to-do list. I have a dashboard like this for each of my clusters.


Custom Dashboard 1.png


Custom Dashboard 1a.png


Dashboard #2:

To-Do List and Health for VMs, Hosts, and Storage in my Production cluster.

Goal is to be taking these actions so that I’m only looking at green.


Custom Dashboard 2.png


Custom Dashboard 2a.png