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Cluster Capacity Dashboard/Host Thresholds

Question asked by kevin.robbins on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by will.searle

Now that manipulating the template for the cluster capacity dashboard is easier to modify and apply custom values to, I have started looking into leveraging this overall dashboard and it's corresponding vm headroom calculation to prepare for future physical host purchases.  leveraging this dashboard as well as workload planners based on custom set host values (Host utilization percentages) with planner settings set for efficiency has allowed me to somewhat correlate the vm headroom to host UI index rating.  This seems to be a fairly easy way to gauge the vm deployments left while keeping my UI percentages at a trended percentage to show management prior to purchasing new hardware.  I'm curious to see how others are using these two features to keep UI and host utilization percentages at a predefined rate to allow for a 'capacity on demand' type feel when it comes to procuring hardware.  That's the short version of asking, how are others leveraging vmturbo dashboards and planners to ready themselves for net new purchases.