EXTENDED: Be Funny. Win a Tauntaun. Sys Admin Day Is July 25th.

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We Salute You, System Administrators.

War Stories are the best... They're also the funniest.


A day in the life of a Sys Admin bears many fruits... Some sweeter than others. Without jeopardizing your career, share your funniest on-the-job story by replying to this thread. Vote for others' stories by "liking" them. The victor will be awarded a coveted Tauntaun Sleeping Bag on Friday, July 25th. All the warmth, without the messy entrails.

"Likes" will be tallied at Noon EST on July 25th.

First Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Winner: mike.laak

Second Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Winner: aleph0



Our bad!

We had it set so that only customers could reply to this.

So to make it right, we have extended the contest until Monday, July, 28th.


A second Tauntaun Sleeping Bag will be awarded.


"Likes" will be tallied at Noon EST on Monday, July 28th.