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    EXTENDED: Be Funny. Win a Tauntaun. Sys Admin Day Is July 25th.

    Chris Graham

      We Salute You, System Administrators.

      War Stories are the best... They're also the funniest.


      A day in the life of a Sys Admin bears many fruits... Some sweeter than others. Without jeopardizing your career, share your funniest on-the-job story by replying to this thread. Vote for others' stories by "liking" them. The victor will be awarded a coveted Tauntaun Sleeping Bag on Friday, July 25th. All the warmth, without the messy entrails.

      "Likes" will be tallied at Noon EST on July 25th.

      First Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Winner: mike.laak

      Second Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Winner: aleph0



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      We had it set so that only customers could reply to this.

      So to make it right, we have extended the contest until Monday, July, 28th.


      A second Tauntaun Sleeping Bag will be awarded.


      "Likes" will be tallied at Noon EST on Monday, July 28th.

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          About a year ago we were deploying a new piece of accounting software and the vendor required that a single point of contact be assigned.  Our management decided that person should be the most technical Accountant (let's call him Jim) and not someone from the IT department.  We fought this decision but ultimately lost.


          Fast forward about 4 weeks into the project and the vendors software is up and running with test data.  One morning Jim encounters an error in the software and sends an email to IT with a screenshot. The error says "Inventory field has an invalid state".  We check the databases and server logs and determine it's likely an issue in the vendor software and let Jim know.  A few email exchanges go back and forth with the vendor but the issue persists and we aren't getting anywhere.  Jim is very eager to prove to everyone that he can run this project so he arranges a conference call with the vendors technical team and even a few developers on their side.


          We all jump on the call and after all the pleasant greetings go around the following is said:


          Jim: "I don't know why we keep getting this error message.  The server hasn't moved"

          Vendor: "Can you elaborate on that, what do you mean it hasn't moved"

          Jim: "Well, the error says it's in an invalid state and as far as I know the server is still here in our local data center"

          Vendor: "..."


          At this point you can hear the eruption of laughter from the vendor quickly silenced as someone on the other end hit the mute button.  On our side we are also laughing hysterically and have to try and explain to Jim that the software error message has nothing to do with the physical location of the server and instead the data within the application.


          The silver lining is that we no longer have to argue about who gets assigned as points of contact for IT projects.

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            Chris Graham

            Mike's story is amazing.


            Guys, did we mention that... IT'S A TAUNTAUN SLEEPING BAG?! Of course, you could always keep doing things 'the hard way' - hunt, wrastle, and saber your own Tauntaun.


            We're just trying to make things a bit easier. The lightsaber is built into the zipper.

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              Once upon a time we asked a customer if port 21, to do an ftp put, was open.
              Being not very technical, the guy, stepped two floor and checked.
              Back to the phone he assures us that definitively port 21 was opened and he put a chair to maintain it open...

              As I am in Italy, and port and door means the same think, it came out that, the doors of the building were numbered, based on floors and position, and the guy checked for the door 21 (that's porta 21 in italian Language), second floor position 1. Lukily we do not ask to check DNS port 53 (5 floors to step are a very long trip...)


              The hilarious troubleshooting ever happened to me!
              cheers from Italy

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                Many years ago, when floppy disks were the most-used media and laptops were uncommon, I took one of our company's two laptops to a training session to learn about some new industry software.  There were several technical people to help us install and learn about the software, and the other people at the training session were all technical support people.  After we went through the install, we were required to reboot.  The laptop that I was using came up with a very strange error.  This many years later, I don't remember the exact message, but it was something that I had never seen before.  The people helping with the install and several of the attendees clustered around, looking at it.  No one had any idea.  They decided that the software must have corrupted something on the hard drive, so I just set the machine aside and did without. 

                When I got home later that day with the laptop, I told my (non-technical) spouse about my day.  He picked up the laptop, looked at it, and said "Does it matter that there's a disk in the drive?"

                FACEPALM!  8 or 9 technical people looked at that machine earlier in the day, and not one of us thought to check the disk drive!