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Release 4.7 is now in GA!

Question asked by Ben Yemini Expert on Aug 6, 2014

Today we announced General Availability for VMTurbo Operations Manager 4.7, the world’s only unified control system for cloud and virtual environments. This version also includes improvement’s to the Storage and Cloud Control Module.


New in 4.7, the following capabilities will improve your ability to achieve and maintain the Desired State of your environment:

  • OpenStack & KVM Control
  • Hyper-V HA & Maintenance Mode Control
  • Future Workload Reservations
  • Promote Resource Pools to vDCs
  • Custom Dashboard Enhancements
  • UI to PDF Enhancements
  • VM Template Resizing in Planner


And More...


You can learn more about some of the new capabilities in Eva’s earlier post VMTurbo Early Access v4.7 Announcement: Are You In?


And as always let us know what you think and how we can continue to help you get your environment to the Desired State.