5 Easy Ways to Earn a Founder's Duffle Bag & Unlimited Bragging/Bagging Rights

Discussion created by chris.graham Expert on Sep 2, 2014
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Last week, my colleague and compadre corey.field provided an update on the Green Circle Community Founders. 38 of 50 spots remain, and all you have to do is reach 1,000 points. 1,000 points earn you a sweet Green Circle Duffle Bag (below), as well as a spot on our aforementioned founders page.

GC Dufflebag.jpg

What would you do with said duffle bag? REALLY GUYS?

Fill it with puppies, of course. To clarify, GC Founder duffles will hold up to 4 medium-sized puppies, or an entire newborn litter*


Here are 5 easy ways to earn 1,000 points:


  1. Follow all 1,108 members of the Green Circle Community @ 1 Point each
  2. Share 100 pieces of content @ 10 Points each
  3. Write a review of VMTurbo on FindTheBest or Spiceworks and email to tell us for 1,000 Points and 1,500 Points, respectively
  4. Are you a customer? Contact and do a webinar with us for 6,000 Points (and immediate Founder status)
  5. Do a Full VMTurbo customer video for 4,000 Points (and immediate Founder status)


Beyond the race to Founderdom, the Green Circle Store is LIVE - so your points are basically as good as BitCoins, but toward Green Circle swag, which is awesome.


*Puppies encouraged, but not included.