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How much time has VMTurbo saved you?

Discussion created by Ben Yemini Expert on Sep 18, 2014
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In a recent blog post I mentioned our customer survey results highlighting that 68% of our customers increase virtualization team productivity by over 20%.


VMTurbo Customers Improve Virtualization Team Productivity

Several recent studies site the lack of data center professionals and skill shortages.  The Cisco Global Cloud Index Study highlights that 60% of data center operators cite lack of suitably qualified staff as one of the major issues they will face in the coming years. And the McKinsey Global Institute is predicting the possibility of a shortage of 1.5 million skilled and qualified data center managers by 2015.

The good news for VMTurbo customers is that they’ve been able to significantly improve their virtualization management team productivity.

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We want to hear from you, how much time have you saved with VMTurbo's Operations Manager?