More UI stuff: Finding a specific Service Entity

Discussion created by tcoz on Sep 24, 2014

Curious about this. Currently, the product offers a couple of ways to find a specific service entity; navigate through the Inventory or Group trees, or use the global "Search" at the top of the application, which takes you directly to the Detail view for that entity.


The trend for large bodies of data appears to have moved away navigating to find a specific item. To find an email in Exchange, a song in iTunes, a stock position in the financial markets and so on, you search for it, get back an increasingly shortened list, find what you're looking for, and then explore its details and relationships. Even browser history works this way now; anything that shows items in a list.


Additionally, you may not want to inspect the details of the entity (e.g. commodities, etc.). You might want to use it as a starting point for working through a Supply Chain hierarchy, as a way of seeing Actions that are related to its Consumers and Producers, and so on. Quickly getting to the bottom and working your way up/down/across, as opposed to starting from the top of a navigational hierarchy.




- How often do you use the VMT UI to target a specific entity, like a VM, PM, or a Group (the latter to see a summary of that group, not just the entities it contains.)

- Do you feel that there are enough ways to do so, or that the ways provided are ideal?

- When you do have the need to find a specific entity, is it mostly to inspect the details of that entity, do you navigate it's relationships to explore Consumers and Producers, or both?


Ask and ye may receive...