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Discussion created by eric.angus on Oct 8, 2014
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Hey all! 


I was needing help from the pro's at VMTurbo to create a group just for a certain type of VM so I could report off of them.  Figured I would pass on their knowledge on how they were able to help.


So we label our vm's according to its function, I.E. PRD=Production, DEV=Development, TST=Test, you get the idea...

I needed to create a group for storage placement and wanted to exclude DEV and TST from going on the higher tiered storage.


How to filter out DEV boxes?  Oh.. and exclude a couple of dev boxes from the list in the process....

Here is the argument:




So we had two vms, named DEVUAG01 and DEVVAS01 and so needed to exclude them from this list.


I know some of you may be saying, well, duh..  but for me.. I was at a loss.  This was exactly what I needed!

Anyway.. More to come later..

Have a great day!