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Is vm move automation a possible problem in a high CPU environment?

Question asked by parker.race on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by eva.tuczai

We are experiencing high CPU utilization on our VDI cluster due to some new and "upgraded" apps over the past 6 months. Utilization during the day is around 70% for the cluster with hosts hitting peaks in the 80s to 90s frequently. A consultant that is assisting with a Citrix (Xen desktop) upgrade was theorizing we were having issues, desktops dropping applications, freezes,etc. due to our vswitch configuration. That theory was debunked by VMware. He also requested that we turn off VM move automation for the cluster. No surprise DRS isn't making nearly as many moves as VMturbo.  I believe this person's theory is that a lot of vmotions could cause issues in the current situation. Anyone have thoughts or and/or experiences they can share?