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VMTurbo keeps scheduling VM move even after setting policy to recommended for cluster

Question asked by kwongheng on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by julie.gordon

I have a ESXi 5.0 cluster which I found VMTurbo schedule a number of vmotion where looks stuck for a long time. Our global policy for the vcenter is to automate all MOVES. So for this cluster, I set the policy to Recommended to stop VMTurbo from vmotion, but we continue to see vmotion jobs being scheduled for the cluster even after the policy is set.


- I have checked the TO DO list for queue and there are no queues.

- I also checked the VMs that were schedule after the policy is set, they are listed in the correct cluster which were MOVE policy was set to recommend

- I realised the everytime I cancel a VMTurbo task for that VM, VMTurbo will schedule for a MOVE again for the VM, despite the policy is now set to recommeded or disabled for MOVE



- Why does this happen?

- How can I stop VMTurbo from doing this?

- How to kill a job after its running? I tried to kill from vcenter, but sometimes Cancel is available and sometimes its not.