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Discussion created by douglas.wolters on Nov 13, 2014
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My boss recently gave us the choice between purchasing VMTurbo and getting the SCOM licenses were sorely need for our environment. Being in charge of monitoring, my vote was simple: VMTurbo.


My surprised boss asked my why. I responded, "I wrote my first piece of code 40 years ago. I've been in IT for 29 years. There are few products on the market that do what they are supposed to do, fill a void, and make my job easier. VMTurbo, Winternals, PrimalScript Powershell Studio, ASG Remote Desktop, and PHD (now Unitrends Virtual Backup) are five that come to mind. Besides, if we can prevent the problems on the front end then back end alerting isn't as necessary!"


My question is: What products do you find indispensable and outstanding?


Had you said my reason what products would you have inserted into the sentence?


On a personal note: I use Dashlane as my password manager. It is excellent for what I need it to do. The reason it isn't on the list is because it doesn't handle multple-persona well (When to use my work vs. home information, which payment method to default to, etc...) So, I use Password Safe at work (which is extremely limited but with the number of passwords we are required to know it sure beats a spreadsheet!