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Failed to validate cluster - Validates individual machine that is part of cluster first, then fails once cluster info retrieved from DC

Question asked by alex.king on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by eva.tuczai



I've got a cluster server running 26 VM's via Hyper-V and I can add each individual cluster server manually and the target will validate.


However, as soon as the validation and discovery kicks in, the other server that forms the cluster is picked up from AD, which then triggers re-validation.

I believe there's nothing out of the ordinary there, except that once the servers forming the cluster are added instead of the manually added target (which did validate ok), the validation fails for both servers in the cluster.


It doesn't seem to matter what credentials I enter either, I only get failed validation on the cluster servers from AD, yet it carries over the same credentials that worked for the manually added target which triggered collection of cluster information from AD.


Can anybody offer any ideas or suggestions what I can do next?