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Capacity Planner functionality

Question asked by tom.geyer on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by chad.parris

I need to generate a dashboard and report for cluster capacity.  Specifically, management wants to know how much headroom VMs is left in our various clusters.  I was informed that the Cluster Capacity dashboard is actually the result of a scheduled run of the Planner tool against each PM cluster.  So I've been experimenting with the Planner tool, running it against one particular cluster, and changing up various settings in the VM template used to modify the load on the cluster.  The planner reports the same number of placed VMs (a.k.a. "headroom" VMs) every time I run it, no matter how I change up parameters in the VM template.  I've changed the size of the shared NFS datastore, and that had no effect on the headroom number either.  The headroom number is less than half the V-to-P ratio as compared to the ratio we achieve on our production clusters, so I feel it's artificially low.  Is there a way to show what resource constraints are used by the Planner to come up with the headroom number?