SAN configuration - need some advice

Discussion created by douglas.wolters on Jan 29, 2015
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I am wondering if other people have encountered our situation and, if so, how do you handle it?


We have a Dell Compellent SAN that was set up and configured in such a way that a separate LUN for each server was presented. All LUNS are presented to VMWare but the virtual server is set up to use it's own LUN. For example, we have 20 file servers (and growing). The admins presented VMware with 20; 2 TB LUNs and named them for the servers that would be using the storage. We have a dozen or so generalized storage areas for other servers. One project has a 20TB area carved out for some 30 servers they are using. We don't want to mix other production and development servers into that mix.


This really kills our ability to use VMTurbo's ability to move files across datastores since they are really a 1-1 thing. I would like to present a new structure plan so we can take advantage of the datastore optimizations that VMTurbo offers or figure out a way to configure VMTurbo so it knows what datastores are "available" that certain servers could be moved to.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?