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Create OS report trend analys

Question asked by mikael.eklof on Mar 4, 2015
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Can some give me some help? (Running VMTurbo 5.1 version)


I want to create a report that tells me how many VM I have with a certain (or all) operatingsytem I have in my virtual environment. (This is easy).

But I want to add, the function to see/track this per month, or quarter, a half year etc maybe for an hole year, or similar in the same reports,

Also how many % or amount that this OS type has grown within a time period.  (If I have data for that time period of course).


What I can see benefic which this kind of report, that you, will track and se trend analysis more over time and for all VM´s operating system.

My enviroment are changing all the time, both up and down, and this is hard to track.

Questions what can be easier answerd on, with this report function is:

  • Track OS licenses in you environment diffrent time period? (if you are licenses that way)
  • You can track the lifecycle of an OS type better (ex old Windows version, that you want to get rid of)
  • What OS area is growing most by this month, a quarter, a half year etc


Last questions: What I also want to choose is more diagrams types that just “circle diagram”? Someting that you can do?  (depending what report you want to create)