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Workload Placement question

Question asked by kingsizedkilla on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by kingsizedkilla

We have a large number of VMs that have multiple VMDK files that are split between different tiers of storage, flash and block.  I kept seeing recommendations show up in the dash board to move the VM from the block storage to the flash storage, but we don't want to do that due to the VMDK that sits on block storage is just used for data backup and doesn't need the higher performing disk.  Is there a way that I can create a workload placement policy that will ensure that the VMDK files on flash stay put, but that will allow the VMDK files on block storage to move between other block datastores in the storage cluster?  I created a policy that restricts movement of VMs on the block storage to the flash storage, but now I am getting recommendations that indicate the VMs are misconfigured