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Migrating hosts to a new vCenter Appliance - VMTurbo Config Changes

Question asked by mike.laak on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by discoposse

I am going to be migrating our hosts from a HA/DRS cluster managed by vCenter on Windows over to a new cluster managed by the vCenter Appliance.  I have all of the VMware related tasks under control and tested but am wondering what needs to be done with VMTurbo.


The Cluster and Datacenter within vCenter will be named the same, so will all resource pools/VMs/etc.  It's a straight cutover to a new vCenter.


Am I able to just edit my current Target in VMTurbo or will I have to remove and re-add?  Will My Groups stay the same or will they all need to be redefined?  I guess it really comes down to how VMTurbo identifies those objects.


Any help is appreciated.