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Containers are getting some funding:  What do you think of the CoreOS announcement?

Question asked by discoposse Expert on Apr 6, 2015

This is very interesting stuff happening over at CoreOS.  As Rocket continues to gain contributors, and Docker rises in popularity, the addition of Kubernetes to the CoreOS toolkit as a packaged product with Tectonic could be a hit. 


At the same time, it seems like it may be very early to see which is the "right" way that containers will go.  The amount of orchestration tools coming out for Docker may be confusing the landscape and blurring the lines to what a more solidified solution is.


Ben Kepes at Forbes did a great write up on the announcement of funding for CoreOS with VC and partnership interest including Google.


CoreOS And Google Make Their Defensive Plays, Is Docker The Victim? - Forbes


What's your thought?  Could this further slice into Docker's potential market share?