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Is shared storage required?

Question asked by johatfie on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by Matt Ray

I heard about VM Turbo this morning and I've been looking around the website and forum for a couple of hours now without finding an answer for this.


We have a mixed bag of physical servers and Hyper-V VM hosts, plus one new SAN with lots of storage, and we just acquired one blade that will also host VM's, which is backed by an iSCSI LUN on the new SAN.  I get that VM Turbo can manage moving around VM's that have their virtual drives on the shared storage, i.e. a SAN, but can VM Turbo handle all the separate bits of storage on the VM host machines?  Will it move, or recommend moving, the VM virtual drives between the SAN and the various raid arrays we have attached to the VM hosts?


Sorry if this question has already been covered.  I've looked, but not found a clear answer to this question.