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Heterogeneous environments

Question asked by steeladept on May 28, 2015
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There was a great question I never even considered asked here.  @Libor Kamas - thanks for asking.


Now I have a follow-on question (hence the new thread) that may well be the harder question - can VMTurbo span heterogeneous environments?  E.g. All VMware and all Hyper-V and all RHEV etc., all in one pane of glass (assuming, of course, they are all supported environments).  I believe the answer here is yes as well, but it isn't something I have ever tried - at least not yet.


Has anyone else?  If so, what are the caveats?  Do you still see all the same benefits for that environment, or does it limit some to essentially the lowest common denominator?  This is a very common setup I am finding, so please, tell us more about how you use VMTurbo to manage it all seamlessly.


Thanks in advance