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Monitoring Hyper-V CSV IOPS and Utilization

Question asked by jerry on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by swagner

I have this issue raised with Steve Gibbons who is investigating but in case anyone else knows how this is done or even if its possible then i'd like to hear.


We are trying to get IOPS/Utilization stats for Hyper-V CSV's, currently the only stats we receive are those of the Hyper-V host that the CSV's are on due to CSV's appearing as though they are on the C: drive of the Host which is misleading and also doesn't allow us to identify which CSV's are over or under provisioned performance wise.


We have two Hyper-V clusters one with 11 nodes and the other with 7 nodes both using Dell MD 32xxi arrays with either 1200 or 1220 disk trays attached to each head unit. Each cluster CSV is aligned with a single tray of Disks on the arrays where possible.


We need to be able to see IOPS/Utilization of each CSV and not just the Host usage to allow VMTurbo to identify potential Storage congestion and for reliable reporting.


Has anyone else come across the same issue or found a way around the problem.