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Search criteria in groups

Question asked by jerry on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by jerry

I appear to have some strange behaviour in Group Management under the Policy Tab.

I'm attempting to create  groups for each of our customers that reside on our HyperV clusters and then add their VMs to their group.


Group name created then specify the search criteria as .*customername.*

Now most of the groups ive added with out issue, VMs found and group saved but with some of them it doesnt find all the customers VMs even though the name is matching correctly to some of them. If i refresh the search then some that were found then disappear from the list or the whole list of that customers VMs is found but if i apply the member changes the additional VMs dont appear in that groups list.


if i look at the individual hosts under Supply Chain i can see that the VMs are present yet cant get them to appear under group management.


any help or info appreciated.