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Problems resolution panel & options for to-do list

Question asked by huhjieun on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by ben.fariello

When a task is clicked in the to-do list, a problems resolution panel is displayed. I was wondering why more than 1 option for the resolution was displayed, and why it is not set by importance (refer to image below - when I click the option in the To Do list to move target y from x to a, it displays 2 more options, along with the importance. However, the primary to-do doesn't seem to correspond with the importance factor)? Also, it seems that we can choose to apply all of the options if desired - is that something that would be recommended?


On a side note, why are there more items in the "To Do" list when the health pie-chart is clicked, as opposed to the "To Do" list table displayed on the Assure Service Performance portion of dashboards?


Thank you as always!