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Dashboards View Questions

Question asked by huhjieun on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Divya Singal

Hi all,


I have a few questions about the Dashboards View:


Number of VM's differing compared to vSphere

When I go to the Improve Overall Efficiency tab and look at the number of VM's, it shows a different number than is displayed in vSphere. We have 2 templates in the specified cluster, so in total we have 302 VM's; the VMem capacity seems to display the correct amount of VM's (with the number of templates disregarded), but we don't understand why the "Virtual Machine and Storage" view shows a different number of VM's than the "Virtual Machine Efficiency" view. What are some VM's that VMTurbo isn't picking up, and why is this happening?

VM number.png


Multiple To-Do Lists

To-Do lists seem to appear in various different places in the Dashboards view (ie. Assure Service Performance, Utilization Summary, Optimize Summary, and Overall efficiency all show to-do lists). I was wondering what were some of the differences that are displayed in these views? Is the Risk/Opportunity To-Do list a combination of the Risk and the Opportunity To-Do Lists?


Headroom Count

How does VMTurbo calculate headroom count?  I know that on the VMTurbo manual, it states "To calculate VM headroom, the plan must assume each additional VM has been allocated a certain capacity for its resources. To accomplish this, the plan uses a VM template as a profile for the VMs that fill the cluster’s headroom. For this reason, the count of VMs given for the headroom is an approximation based on that VM template" (Page 98). What is the VM template that VMTurbo specifically uses to calculate these? I know that the template can be changed within the policy view, but I was just curious as to what template the operations manager uses.


Sorry about posting so many questions, but I hope that these questions are helpful to others as well. Thank you everyone!!