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IO effect on host moves and customization

Question asked by paul.dipadova on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by endre.sara

First off I am new to using vmturbo.  I was looking through the documentation below on Risks and Actions.  I was wondering a few things around IO influencing decisions or other host related functionality.  First, when a move is suggested (not a storage move) is the total host IO considered?  Second, in the analysis portion is the IO setting only for the storage side only?  Lastly, is there a way to prioritize balancing IO, CPU Ready, CPU, as more important than balancing memory?  Thank you for having a forum where these can be asked!


Critical Over-Utilization

Whenever any system resource reaches critical utilization, your infrastructure can experience bottlenecks. Applications running on VMs that are hosted by critically over-utilized machines will show performance problems, and so your QoS may suffer.

The resources that can be affected are:

  • Memory
  • CPU
  • IO
  • Network utilization
  • CPU Ready Queues
  • Data storage

Possible Resolutions:

  • Move VMs from the affected host to a host with less utilization. Operations Manager can perform this action automatically.
  • Start or provision a new host machine. You must perform this action manually.
  • Provision a new data store. You must perform this action manually.