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Plan view for moving VM's to other existing storages

Question asked by huhjieun on Jul 7, 2015
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Hi all,


Is there any way to predict pulling VM's off of storage into other existing storages? The ultimate goal for this is for me to be able to assess whether or not I can retire storage at the current state of the environment while preserving VM's that use the storage's resources, without fulfilling any of the to-do items on the list. For example, if I wanted to pull 3 storages from a cluster (ie. storage1, storage2, storage3 that are inside cluster1) and move the VM's that are using the storage (storage1, storage2, storage3) into other storages inside the same cluster (cluster1), how would I:

1) set the scope

2) receive reports about where to move those VM's?


Is there a way to create a plan projection without having VMTurbo assume that I'm going to complete the items on the to-do list that appears after the plan is run?


I went to Plan --> Hardware Replace --> Set the scope by Storage by PM cluster --> Selected "Cluster1" --> Removed Storage (storage1, storage2, storage3) --> Disabled resizing --> ran the plan... and I looked at the report but I'm not sure where the VM's that were using the removed storage went.


I know this post is kind of wordy, but I'm not too sure how else I would phrase this...


Thanks again Green Circle!